Luiz Penze

Luiz Penze

Luiz Penze

Luiz Penze (Luiz Augusto Silva Penze) was born in 1985 in Dourados, Mato Groso do Sul, Brazil, with pencil-in-hand. His passion for drawing came at a very early age, being influenced by the illustrative style and cartoon work of Japanese TV and later, by the notable Brazilian Painter Romero Britto and Campana Brothers.

Luiz studied classic painting for 8 years at Entrearts Painting School in Dourados and 1 year of professional photography. Luiz Penze’s early work included freelance illustrations and commissioned portraits.
Luiz moved to Porto, Portugal in 2005 to study Industrial Design at Belas Artes University. Following his study in Portugal, Luiz Penze decided to move to London where the designers market was much more advanced and presented more opportunities.

In 2008 Luiz Penze was awarded the first prize for his “Save the World campaign” as part of the London South Bank University’s Sustainability Posters Design Competition 2008. He was awarded in 2011, a BSc (Hons) in Product Design at London South Bank University; he also won the (Student with most sex appeal projects) ever.

Luiz Penze has continued painting, holding a number of private commissions for his artwork and photography.

His ability to work with several mediums, including digital, has allowed Luiz Penze to share his work with a much larger audience.

Now with a presence on the internet, his work is available world-wide.

Although he will tell you that the computer will never replace the feeling of brush on canvas or pen on paper, Luiz Penze’s ability to use both traditional and digital tools has opened further windows of opportunity for him.